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Entrance booking - FAQ

Again in 2014 we present a so-called entrance booking. It is not a question of where you want to camp but simply which entrance you want to enter through. It's only relevant if you plan to arrive on the very first day, Sunday 29 June at 18:00.

Why do I need to book entrance?
Lots of people want to get in early. Up to 40,000 on the first day. If you want to be part of those people, entrance booking is needed.

Is it only possible to enter the campsite with entrance booking?
In the first short period you can only enter with entrance booking. However, shortly after everyone with a regular festival ticket will be allowed to enter. So if you plan to arrive Monday or later, don’t give entrance booking another thought.

If I use entrance booking am I then limited to this area?
No, you have access to and are allowed to camp where you want on the whole campsite. Entrance booking only indicates where you enter the area.

Can I book entrance for my friends?
Yes, you can. However, there is a max. of 10 bookings per entrance.

I already have a ticket. Can I still get entrance booking?
Yes. The procedure is the same for everyone.

I already have entrance booking but would like to use one of the other entrances – what do I do?
If you wish to switch to a different entrance you need to contact Billetnet’s Service Center on billetnet.dk or +45 70 15 65 65. Billetnet will add a fee of DKK 5 for each exchange.

When will the entrances open?
When you have entrance booking you can use the entrance you have booked and be one of the first on the campsite. The entrances open Sunday 29 June at 18:00. Please notice, you are not permitted to enter the campsite before Sunday at 18:00 - this will entail a charge of DKK 3,500.

The waiting areas open Saturday 28 June at 16:00. But we recommend that you arrive Sunday 29 June as it is under no circumstances allowed to camp in the waiting areas.

Where are these entrances/waiting areas?
On this map you can see where the four areas are located.

What if I show up without my entrance booking voucher?
Then you do not get access to the campsite before everybody with an entrance booking ticket has gotten in. But as you have received your voucher per e-mail, you can always head for an internet cafe or a library to print a new ticket.

If I don’t have entrance booking when will I be able to enter the campsite?
You will be able to enter when everybody with an entrance booking has gotten in.

I arrive after Sunday 29 June – do I need to make an entrance booking?
No, then entrance booking is not necessary. If you arrive after Sunday 29 June, you can freely choose between all available entrances.

Why does entrance booking cost DKK 5?
It is an administration fee from our ticket vendor, Billetnet. We don’t charge anything for entrance booking.

What do I need to bring as a proof of my entrance booking?
You will receive a voucher on e-mail from Billetnet which you will need to present when you arrive to the area.

Can entrance booking be sold out?
Yes. There is a max. capacity for each waiting area, so there’s a risk of them being sold out.

Can I use entrance booking without a regular festival ticket?
No. It is only possible to use entrance booking with a valid festival ticket.

Can I buy a ticket and wait to buy entrance booking?
Yes. If you do not know which area you wish to use yet, it is possible to buy entrance booking later. However, please note that each waiting area has a max. capacity and therefore there is a risk of them being sold out. 

I am a volunteer. Do i still need entrance booking?
No. With your volunteer wristband you can choose any entrance and enter on the same conditions as those with Entrance Booking. 

I have purchased Get A Place/Get A Tent - do I still need entrance booking?
If you have purchased Get A Tent East and want to be the first in the queue at this particular area, you may want to make an entrance booking. 

If you have purchased Get A Tent Central entrance booking is not necessary as the area does not open until Wednesday 2 July at 12:00, and at this time you can use the normal entrances. 

If you have purchased Get A Place entrance booking is not necessary as the area does not open until Sunday 29 June at 21:00, and at this time you can use the normal entrances.

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