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Food events

Roskilde Festival has an ambitious plan to offer more organic and locally produced food, which combined with an effort to raise the bar for quality and diversity in the food stands challenges otherwise preconceived notions of what festival food is.

In addition to a series of exciting new additions among this year’s food stands, the festival offers, yet again, a food programme filled with unusual food experiences, pop-up restaurants, urban gardens and even a social piece of food-furniture!

Here is a list of this year’s food events at Roskilde Festival:

The Stables

The Stables are located by the Gloria stage at the festival site

Mackerel in tomato sauce. Canned liver pate. Does this sound like something you would eat in your camp? The people behind POP UP Kitchen CPH serve classic festival food – reinterpreted. As a guest of Jeppe Hyllested Pedersen, Emil Felix Franz and Asger Nørregård Rasmussen you are an active part of the meal and can expect an intimate food experience where hosts, dinner party and solidarity around a meal is at the center.

Location: The Stables
Tickets price: 80 DKK
Time: Thursday 7-8pm.

Join a study of chocolate and your own universe of flavors! Expand your understanding of this treat, when chef Jacob Mielcke serves homemade chocolates with surprising condiments. And learn how colors effect your taste buds, when chocolate is served on epoxy-colored wooden boards, designed by textile print designer Margrethe Odgaard. At this chocolate-loaded event you will taste sour, salty, bitter and sweet in the interplay between the palate’s array of colors and the palate, which is the roof of your mouth, where the impressions of flavors unite. Expect to be challenged, surprised, and maybe even moved.

Location: The Stables
Tickets price: 100 DKK
Time: Friday 2-3.30pm.

Say goodbye to your hangovers when students from Copenhagen Hospitality College in collaboration with students from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology invite you to a vitamin boosting, organic and sustainable four-course dinner. All ingredients are found at the local market. Look forward to bite into an accessible tastiness and solid Danish summer coziness.

Location: The Stables
Tickets price: 80 DKK
Time: Friday 6-7.30pm.

Go on a picnic in the middle of the inner festival area when Smag&Rum invite you to join a sensory lunch experience outside. The picnic, as we know it, is turned upside down and presented in a strong visual, aesthetic and flavorful universe. Join a trip to the woods in the middle of the inner festival area where you can pluck nature’s fruits and drink from its fountains. In other words, prepare for a beautiful and surprising food experience with the forest as a backdrop.

Location: The stables
Tickets price: 110 DKK
Time: Saturday 1-2.30pm.

The collective Damer, Mad & Bajere (Ladies, Food & Beer) invites you to join a get-together with ingredients, myths and urban legends about aphrodisiacs.  You can look forward to four courses with everything from well-known aphrodisiacs to edible interpretations of wars fought in the name of potency and myths about herbs and oysters. Spend a Saturday afternoon in the company of three lovely hostesses and food that feeds your desire and we can almost guarantee that you will leave the dinner table in high spirits.

Location: The Stables
Tickets price: 80 DKK
Time: Saturday 6-7.30pm.

The edible spectrum of the rainbow is in full bloom when the organisation Mad med Medfølelse serves up hundreds of small vegan plates. Step into their meet free kitchen and learn more about eating green. You can find out how delicious a cupcake made without egg and butter tastes! And who knows, you might learn something new about yourself and your eating habits, while you are eating your way through a buffet of plant based dishes.

Location: The Stables
Tickets: Price 50 DKK
Time: Sunday 4-5.30pm.



Dommertårnet/The Judges Tower

The Judges Tower is located by the Gloria stage at the festival site

MADSPEKTAKLET/Håndmaddernes kamp / the Food Spectacle/battle of the sandwiches
Go “ spread-berserk” when Madspektaklet invites you to battle. Who can make the prettiest, most flavorful and imaginary pieces of open sandwiches with spread? Rumor has it that there is chicken spread and egg spread to choose from  as a minimum, but you have to mix them yourself. The best open sandwich will be applauded and awarded a prize. Before the battle begins you will learn all about basic flavors, classic combinations and textures.

Location: DOMMERTÅRNET/ the Judges Tower
Tickets price: 25 DKK
Time: Friday 1-4pm.

The cabbage war is a serious food competition where four teams compete over who can mix together a cabbage salad the fastest. 

There are no recipes; instead the measuring cup has to be filled correctly – and fast! The team who first fills their measuring cup with the right amounts of cabbage and greens win the battle and title: ‘Kings of the Cabbage War’. In addition to the honorable title the winning team can enjoy a round of grilled sausages and cold beers. Obviously, all competing teams can take their cabbage salad back to their camps and enjoy it with fellow cabbage loving festival guests. See, that’s good cabbage karma.

Location: DOMMERTÅRNET/ the Judges' Tower
Ticket price: 0 DKK
Time: Friday 5-7pm.

Be a juicer for a day, when ReGastro invites everyone to make juice from surplus produce from supermarkets and farms. Join and lovingly squeeze a ton of leftover fruits and vegetables, and have a chat about what you can do to avoid food waste. While slurping your very own leftover juice you can poke your head in the porridge workshop next door where the sweet pulp from the juices are mixed into homemade porridge to add that extra juicy flavor.

Location: DOMMERTÅRNET/ the Judges' Tower
Ticket price: 10 DKK
Time: Saturday 1-3pm

Gastronomic Playground is a volunteer group run by food and nutrition students from the University of Copenhagen. Gastronomic Playground bridges the gap between science and cooking. Gastronomic Playground focuses on waste of food and unexploited resources. This is done through the theme “From Trash To Treasure. There will be served mash biscuits with pesto made from carrot tops and ice cream thickened with pigs blood. Gastronomic Playground loves challenges, to experiment and to give people a taste experience with a scientific twist. 

Location: DOMMERTÅRNET/ the Judges' Tower
Ticket price: 0 DKK
Time: Saturday 4-7pm

Ice is scraped from large blocks and doused in syrup. That's how it’s done in Italy when the heat is too much to bear and the body needs to cool off. This year the Italian summer classic “Grattachecca” will help cool hung-over festival goers with tastes of the Nordic summer. Grab a tool and shave your own ice from large blocks of ice and pour delicious homemade syrups on top. That way we’ll know that you’ll be back on top in no time.

Location: DOMMERTÅRNET/ the Judges' Tower
Ticket price: 10 DKK
Time: Sunday 1-3pm



At the festival site

Events in the Food Court and Art Zone

This year, Roskilde Festival will launch a new, unique, organic Roskilde Festival beer. Naturally, this will be celebrated with an event for all festival goers. You will have the opportunity to ask questions to the brewer and the festival goers, who have helped create this great beer.

Location: Jacobsen-bar in the Food Court
Ticket price: 0 DKK
Time: Thursday 5.30pm

The dinner table is in growing pains and now you have to climb the stairs to sit around the large 12 person table. Food is served from built-in drawers in the table where the hostesses of the Food Furniture will serve and divide dishes during the meal. Get comfortable either at the “music meal” where dinner guests have to guess which bands from this year's programme are represented in the dishes. Correct answers are rewarded! Or try the “dinner” where the classic 3-course dinner is severely reconstructed to tastes, textures and ingredients. You can get help from the hostesses in the drawers, who during the meals will provide service, delight, communicate and provoke!

Location: Art Zone
Ticket price: 0 DKK
Time: Thursday 8pm. Friday – Sunday at 3pm and 8pm.



At the campsite

Events at City Center East and in Dream City

Fresh veggie omelet? Steamed clams? Or fish and chips with homemade mayo? In the folk kitchen FoodJam you can decide the menu and stir the pots and pans once you have chosen the ingredients from the large buffet of vibrant organic vegetables and fresh fruits and fish. There is room for everyone in the kitchen, no matter what your capabilities are, and if you have questions Food Jam’s culinary advisors are ready to help and share ideas. At FoodJam the recipe for a flavorful meal is simple: good ingredients, high spirits and solidarity across the cutting boards.

Location: City Center East
Tickets: NOTE: Tickets can be bought at the entrance where you can either book a time or go straight to the kitchen. You can also buy tickets in advance right here (in Danish).
Ticket price: 50 DKK for free access to the ingredients' buffet and an hour in the kitchen. Between noon and 7pm it is a good idea to book ahead, especially Sunday – Wednesday.
Opening hours: Sunday June 29th  – Sunday July 6th between 9am and 10 pm.

Does a six-course brunch made from locally produced, organic ingredients sound like something you would enjoy? Or how about an over-the-top dinner? We thought as much. Please step inside the kitchen of Københavns Fødevarefællesskab, a food co-operative in Copenhagen, where you can cook your own meals, alongside other festival goers, and enjoy it together at a long table. There are both pancakes with strawberry compote, omelet muffins and meat free squash balls on the menu, so stop by Økokalaset for a brunch to get your tired body going or a round of dinner you won’t forget. During the days leading up to the festival local food producers, experts, chefs and other enthusiasts will stop by during brunch to share their stories about local ingredients and co-operatives.

Location: Dream City
Ticket price: 40 DKK
Time: Monday – Wednesday = Brunch + 2 x dinner. Thursday – Sunday 2 x brunch.

Food event tickets

Ticket sale at Agora G:
Wednesday 2-5pm
Thursday 2-5pm

Ticket sale at The Judges Tower:
Thursday 5-7pm
Friday 2-5pm
Saturday 2-5pm
Sunday 2-5pm


Photos by Chris Tonnesen

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