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The Orange Stage seen from above. Photo: Anders Hinding
The Orange Stage seen from above. Photo: Anders Hinding

No security & safety – no festival. Roskilde Festival's security measures ensure that you get a good and safe festival.

Every year crowds of experience-seeking people from many different countries gather in a field just outside the city of Roskilde. Naturally, all these people need a safe and secure environment. Safety at Roskilde Festival is not only essential in front of the stages. Festival guests, festival workers and artists need to feel safe all over the 1.4 million m2 festival area.

A thorough analysis of the security conditions at Roskilde Festival has been undertaken in order to achieve the best security management. In addition, a stewarding and safety report has been produced to obtain permission from the police to run the festival.

Positive experiences are vital when valuing the festival’s security management. Good atmosphere, good service and good experiences give positive reactions, while irritability, frustration and aggression may often be due to a lack of care and ability on the part of the organisers. Thus, security management entails assessing the extent of negative elements such as mountains of trash, defect and filthy toilets, delayed concerts, too many bottleneck areas in the festival layout, bad service, high prices, poor quality etc.

These are the reasons why Roskilde Festival is actively working with factors that enhance the basis for a good and safe festival. Some of these factors, apart from more practical ones, are a sensible policy on the quality and price of food and consumer goods, good sanitary, hygienic and logistic conditions, green policies, bottle deposits, well-functioning waste collection and more. All this help to create a good atmosphere in the area and diminish the risk of inappropriate or dangerous behaviour.

Read about safety at the camping area here.

In case of an emergency

Download the 112-app

We encourage all our festival guests to download the 112-app which both calls the Danish emergency service and gives your GPS cordinates to make help get to an accident quicker.

Download for iPhone.

Download for Android.

Download for Windows Phone.

Theft on Roskilde Festival

What should you do if your things get stolen?

Unfortunately theft does occur. If any of your things get stolen at the festival you should of course contact the authorities. You can either report it via the website www.politi.dk or you can contact the Roskilde police station at Skovbogade 3.
Mobile phones and smartphones are unfortunately very much in demand. We recommend that you turn on the tracking feature on your smartphone. If an accident occurs, and your phone get stolen, you can contact the information desk and borrow a computer from which you can track your phone. You can also contact our Audience Information at gate 10, where you also also find our lost property office.

In case your phone is lost, remember to write down the IMEI number of your phone. This number consists of 15 digets, and is found by typing *#06#. The police needs this information in case your phone is lost.

Fortunately there are a lot of honest people at the festival, and a lot of the values return to their proper owners.

It is also possible to buy a smartphone holder in our shop so you make sure it is always close to your body.





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