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Photo: Rockphoto
Photo: Rockphoto

Good advice when attending a concert

When you go to see concerts at Roskilde Festival it is very important that you take care of both yourself and others. Below we give 12 good tips from Safe Festival (Tryg Festival), which are good to know before you head towards the stages.

  • Drink plenty before the concert – That is water, not just alcohol!

  • Arrive in good time for the concert instead of pushing your way through the crowd to get to the front.

  • It can be an overwhelming experience to be close to the stage at a concert if you have never tried it before. People are cramped together and the crowd is pushing. Be careful.

  • Before the concert make sure to locate the escape routes so you know which way to go if the crowd is pushing too hard.

  • Do not be violent or aggressive – the other festival guests, just like you, just want to have fun at the festival.

  • Never take part in crowd waves, slam dance or run in chains – often people get hurt during these activities.

  • Do not crowd surf or encourage other to do it. It is not allowed and you risk to be expelled from the festival.

  • Do not follow requests from artists, stage hosts or other audience to behave in a way that can bring people around you in danger.

  • Beware of things thrown from the stage such as T-shirts, drum sticks, tambourines, microphones and CDs.

  • Notice information about cancellations and delays of the concert.

  • Do not block exits or paths that lead away from the concert area.

  • If the crowd is pushing too much – move to the back and to the side of the crowd.
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