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Music against drugs

For the 12th consecutive year, we are teaming up with the Danish Health and Medicines Authority to launch the Music Against Drugs campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to stress that music venues and festivals are against drugs, and that we want to help young people say no to drugs in our environment.

The festival wants to support the view that drugs do not belong together with music – and that using drugs is a very bad idea because it is illegal and dangerous.

Focus on music
Each year festival-goers miss out on lots of great music because they are intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. We think that's a pity. Music is a fantastic stimulant in its own right. Music is what brings us together, creates extraordinary experiences and leaves a lasting impression. In itself, music has the ability to create a euphoric atmosphere, but you will miss out on this if you are intoxicated by drugs. Most drugs make you slow, so your brain will quite simply not pick up all the nuances of the music.

A clear message to young people
This year's campaign wants to send a clear message to young people: go with the music and not the drugs. The festival-goers will see the campaign on banners and posters where some of the letters in famous lyrics are missing, delivering the simple message: “You will miss out if you black out”. One of the campaign elements is a memorial wall where festival goers can list the experiences they missed while intoxicated.

Representing a viewpoint
As an employee, you will also be presented with the campaign message at the festival. We would like you to support the campaign and represent our viewpoint of saying no to drugs – both cannabis and hard drugs. Your work is important. Look after our guests and help to make sure that no one misses out on the music. That is what they are here for.

Have a great festival.

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