until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July

Rules of the game

Each day throughout December you can see a short film clip and answer a tricky question. Each correct answer wins you a point. The higher score you get, the bigger are your chances of winning the grand prize.


All the film clips in the quiz are from Roskilde 2012, and the questions are related to the everyday life of the festival-goers. So if you participate, there’s not just a chance of winning cool prizes but also a chance of reliving some of the atmosphere from 2012.


Keep track of your personal score, which is updated every day at midnight when we announce the correct answer. We also give props to the top camping chaos theorists with the most correct answers so far.


Everyone with at least one correct answer has a chance of winning the grand prize. The more correct answers you have - the better are your odds. So remember to participate every day and improve your winning chances!

Grand prize

At the end of the month we draw a winner of a cool Roskilde Festival prize:

  • A ultimate Roskilde Festival Kit
    -containing all the need‘n’nice to have things for you and your camp
  • A guided backstage tour
    -at Roskilde Festival 2013 for you and your camp
  • 5 crates of beer
    -at Roskilde Festival 2013 for you and your camp
  • Food tickets
    -for Roskilde Festival 2013 for you and your camp

The winners will be notified directly.

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