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Photo: Thomas Kjær
Photo: Thomas Kjær
Photo: Rune Johansen
Photo: Rune Johansen

FAQ about volunteer work at Roskilde Festival

Do I get a ticket?
Yes, in order to work at Roskilde Festival you need access to the festival area – so you get a wristband giving access to the festival.

Does the job include meals?
You will get meals when working.

How much time do I have to spend?
We have four basic levels of volunteer efforts; Short effort, standard effort, special effort and Roskilde enthusiast. Read more about them >>

How old must I be?
As a starting point, Roskilde Festival does not employ young people under the age of 18 years.

Do I have to work when the music is playing?
You cannot be sure of getting a job where you do not have to work when music is playing. You can also risk having to work when your favourite band is playing.

Is it possible to work together with a friend?
It is not always possible working together with a friend. And should you get the same type of job, we cannot guarantee that you will be working the same shifts. Of course, we will aim at fulfilling your wishes.

Can I camp at the festival?
Yes, as a volunteer you can sleep at either audience camping or at restricted camping.

How many volunteers work at Roskilde Festival?
Roskilde Festival has about 7,500 volunteers of whom about 380 work year-round. Furthermore, 17,000 volunteers work via various societies.

Which kind of jobs are available?
We have many different kinds of jobs – and it is not possible to list them all. But typical jobs include office work, runner, wiring, electrical work, stage guard, renovation, guard tasks and trade control.

Can I choose what I want to work with?
You can apply for specific jobs, but we cannot guarantee that you will get exactly what you are asking for. We aim at matching people’s wishes and qualifications with our available types of jobs.

How do I become a volunteer?
We receive many applications every year. To handle these applications in the best possible way, we have created a waiting list. In case we need volunteers, we will contact the people on the list. You can only apply to get on the list during a limited time period in the spring.

When the window for applications closes, we will match applications with any vacancies we might have.

Should there be no vacancies at Roskilde Festival, we’d like you to know that most of the volunteers at Roskilde Festival are working for local organisations that are performing service tasks for Roskilde Festival. We’ll forward your application to these organisations. You are also welcome to explore which local associations are working for Roskilde Festival and apply directly.

What if I want to work year-round?
You can send an application, including CV, to job@(delete this text from the mail address)roskilde-festival.dk.

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