until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July


You can camp at Roskilde Festival 2015 from Saturday 29 June from 16:00 to Sunday 5 July 16.00.

Roskilde Festival’s camping area is a central part of the big Roskilde experience. Camping is divided into smaller areas where the festival guests live, rest, meet up and party. In the center of each area is a space that we call an agora. Here you can cook, shop, take a shower, get information, get help and chill.

More information about the camping areas facilities

Besides our regular and amazing camping area we have special areas for those who want to bring their caravan or MC, those who want to sleep in the bus they arrive in, those who want to have somebody else put up their tent, those who need a bit of luxury or something completely else.

To get access to these areas you need to buy this as an add-on to your festival ticket. Below you will see an overview of and information about the different add-ons. Click on the individual add-on for more information.

  • Get A Tent – special camping Central and East
    If you want to arrive to a pitched tent.
  • Get A Place
    If you want to be get your own dedicated space for a camp
  • Tenthouse
    If you want a little luxury.
  • Rockwool Shelter
    If you want solid roof over your head.
  • Entrance booking
    If you want to get in first. Only available together with a ticket.

Please notice, it's not possible to reserve two or more tents/areas next to one another. The only way to secure that is by being here as soon as the areas open and claiming the tents/areas available.

Products below will be available later in the season

  • Transportation
    Transportation solutions if you want to arrive in an easy and convenient manner at Roskilde Festival
  • Tent+Gear Package
    If you don't want to drag all your camping stuff to Roskilde
  • Caravan Camping
    If you want to bring your own caravan.
  • MC Camping
    If you want to bring you MC.
  • Sleep-in Bus
    If you arrive by bus and want to sleep in it.
  • Paid parking
    If you want to park close to the entrance.
  • Volt - mobile recharging service
    If you do not want to run out of power on your mobile

Note that these are add-on tickets – so you also need to buy a regular festival ticket to get access to the festival area.


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