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Topic with no new replies

Girl looking for camp!

Author Message
Written on: 16.05.2013 15:51
Posts: 1

I'm looking for a camp! 24year old girl, speak fluently Danish and German + Good english icon_wink.gif
Roskilde for me is all about fun, drinking and enjoying the opportunity to do everything you can't do in "normal life". The spirit of Roskilde.. Leaving your bad feelings at the gate and opening your mind to new possibilities icon_smile.gif I definitely enjoy music (everything from Flatbush Zombies to Chopin), drinking (ALOT) and everything else Roskilde has to offer. I'm looking for a crazy camp with funny,cool people who'd love to have a cool, crazy and nice german girl (I have lived in DK since 2001)

Lets do it!!!

Love, Eline
Written on: 16.05.2013 17:21
Deleted user hi Eline,

we are two friends coming from norway and camping whole week at RF. we would love to share the camp with some friends especially cool girlsicon_razz.gif .we are first timer to RF and ready for rock & roll icon_wink.gif

check out my profile in FB

otherwise leave me a message here icon_razz.gif

Written on: 18.05.2013 09:10
Dirty Diana
Posts: 14
Hello, we're two guys from Belgium, 22 and 25 y.o., 2nd and 3rd timers! We plan to camp in J so we can party everywhere when we want but sleep a bit too to be able to visit Denmark in the mornings... We are two huge fans of The Smiths and Morrissey, we'd like to meet people to party and if you love Morrissey it's even better...
You can find us on facebook:

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Written on: 21.05.2013 23:40
Jesse Irwin
Posts: 7
Hey guys, my name's Jesse. I'm going to Roskilde for the full 9 days and I'm looking for some awesome people to camp with. I'm from Hawaii and I'd really enjoy being with some other people at Roskilde. Send me a message on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JesseD.Irwin Or on the forum. Let me know if you guys want to meet up and have a crazy camping experience.

Written on: 24.05.2013 15:16
Mirco Gau
Posts: 7
Hi Eline,

we are 20 people from all over Germany and Austria, Camp called "Camp Vienna", you can find that on facebook. But friends of mine are from California, they are just a few people and neighbors, it`s "Camp Wolfpack", fb aswell. We were there for 3 weeks in april for a warm up for the warm up, you see, crazy people!
We`ve got newbies and guys with 20 festivals and more in our camp, from 20-40. It will be my eleventh time since 1993.
We stay on P and do stuff like my Tequila birthday party on sunday, tower run on monday, decorate the camp party and accustic jam session on thuesday, monkeyparty on wendsday, warm-up is full of stuff! icon_wink.gif But you never know, not so many plans before! icon_wink.gif

Find me on fb, can give you more information!

Written on: 24.05.2013 19:05
Posts: 46
hej hej....

we are camp wolfpack. we are close friends with mirco and camp vienna. we are a small camp but tons of fun... check us out.

Written on: 25.05.2013 03:12
Mirco Gau
Posts: 7
They are, nothing to say! Check us out! haha
Written on: 29.05.2013 00:34
Kim Vinther
Posts: 10
Hi Eline

We are a group of 9 people (5 guys / 4 girls) in our mid-twenties /early-thirties who are planning a camp and are looking for more awesome people to join our camp!

We're still early in the planning proces so nothing is set in stone, but we simply plan for a nice and chilled camp with a bunch of music-lovers to party with icon_cool.gif

If this sounds like your kind of thing, find me on facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/Vinther82?ref=tn_tnmn ) and I'll add you to the group / answer any questions
Written on: 30.05.2013 01:16
Posts: 5
Check us out icon_cool.gif

Also if there are other groups who would want to join our little CRAZY icon_evil.gif "but good" icon_redface.gif group then give us a holla icon_eek.gif

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