til Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27. juni til 4. juli
onsdag 21.03.12

Nordic music added to Roskilde 2012 lineup

Dead Skeletons, Sivert Høyem, Niki & The Dove and Of The Wand And The Moon add Nordic darkness and magic to the lineup.

Nordic artists are a central part of Roskilde Festival. Today we present a motley bunch of some of today's most powerful names from the far north.

DEAD SKELETONS (ISL) is like straying into a maelstrom of roaring, echoing guitars, staring skeleton heads, Buddhist trance and cosmic rock'n'roll. "He who fears death cannot enjoy life," is the basic philosophy of psychedelic, death-embracing trance rock band.

SIVERT HØYEM (N) was originally the lead singer in Norwegian band Madrugada, and he continues on his own creating grandiose Scandinavian rock full of inner drama. On the fourth album, Long Slow Distance, he has found inspiration in surprising places (Høyem mentions German kraut rock and French pop as some of them), and the synthesizer often knocks on the door in Høyem’s stormy songs in minor.

NIKI & THE DOVE (S) have already made ​​a big impression outside of Scandinavia with their opulent synth pop. Malin Dahlström’s vocals with the thick Swedish accent are cold and chic, and Gustaf Karlöf’s swarming arrangements are both compact, sophisticated and the perfect backdrop for the duo's melodic songs.

OF THE WAND AND THE MOON (DK) is one of the most prominent bands of the darkened, cultural-pessimistic dark folk genre. The Lone Descent from 2011 frames the mood of an occult mass deep inside a North European forest lit up by torches. But according to the musical mastermind, inspiration is also found in 60s icons such as Lee Hazlewood and Serge Gainsbourg when writing this gloomy doom music.


Sivert Høyem was originally the lead singer in Norwegian band Madrugada and now he writes stormy songs in minor on his own - photo: Simon Skreddernes

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