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Topic with many replies

Roskilde - The Experience Movies

Author Message
Written on: 16.10.2009 13:54
Posts: 135
Seeding problems !
I cant seem to get the upload really going here.
Have a bunch of people waiting to get the movies.

All in all right now there are in total around 150 peers waiting in utorrent.

I really need some seeding help here ! TPB does not report the right numbers.
You have to download and start the torrent files to get the right number of peers.

So get your seedboxes to spew out gigs !

New news about The Experience 2009 :

Taken a little break from editing these past couple of months.
Getting back on to editing this weekend with new energy and ideas.
Hoping this years movie will turn out to be 1 hour ++

The website seems to have been infected with some virus shit.
Seems the security the webdesigner inplemented does not work icon_razz.gif
The website is "safe" .. just dont download the file it wants you to download.
I will fix this as soon as i get a new webdesigner .. anyone ?

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 16.10.2009 at 14:07.]
Written on: 17.10.2009 14:13
Posts: 135
Website is virus free again icon_razz.gif
Written on: 25.10.2009 23:03
Stand up for rock n' roll!
Posts: 488
are you sure? cus my virus protection went crazy and stopped 3 viruses in 15 seconds..? icon_smile.gif
Written on: 03.11.2009 18:25
Posts: 135
Yeah.. you dont say icon_frown.gif
It just keeps comming..

Anyone want to make a new homepage ? icon_razz.gif

oh.. and expect the movie to be a little late..
Too depressed to edit.....
Going to take a vacation from work to work on it soon.

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 03.11.2009 at 18:41.]
Written on: 22.11.2009 17:47
Posts: 52
dEEPZoNE skrev:

Yeah.. you dont say icon_frown.gif
It just keeps comming..

Anyone want to make a new homepage ? icon_razz.gif

oh.. and expect the movie to be a little late..
Too depressed to edit.....
Going to take a vacation from work to work on it soon.

Hey deepzone, if you still haven't found anyone who could make a new site, then I can give it a try if you want? icon_smile.gif
Write to me at maads09 @ gmail . com if you feel like.

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 22.11.2009 at 17:48.]
Written on: 15.12.2009 12:20
Posts: 266
Still no update on the movie?
Written on: 15.12.2009 15:34
Posts: 135
Update :

First day of my vacation today.
Work is started again.

Mads : Very interessted in a new homepage icon_biggrin.gif

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 15.12.2009 at 15:35.]
Written on: 17.12.2009 13:53
Posts: 135
Still need suggestions for a logo for the intro.
The intro is almost ready.. but a logo is missing.
The person who makes the logo gets a 5 min preview from
the "finished" compilation clip i have made.
Written on: 17.12.2009 14:03
Deleted user Ah nice, I might give this a shot.

Can you give me some more info on what you'd like in the logo, and also what format would you like it in?
Written on: 19.12.2009 00:18
Posts: 135
Emilius :
I can give you a copy of the first 5 min... with the intro.. there you will find the answer icon_razz.gif
send a pm with your email.. and i'll add you to messenger

Update on the movie :
It's going forward icon_razz.gif

Btw :
Anybody know php coding ? i need a sweep of the code for bugs and exploits untill the new webside is up. Annoying virus exploit !
Written on: 19.12.2009 14:01
Deleted user No PM functionality yet... perhaps ever.



hope that makes sense, without making too much sense for the spam bots.
Written on: 21.12.2009 23:12
Posts: 135

I think the virus website is down.. so the website "works".
Just press stop when it's waiting for usaforwarding.cn icon_razz.gif

the virus is not dangerous. Just dont download the file.
And i still need a person to make a new site.
And before that.. a php person who can fix my current one.
Written on: 06.01.2010 18:12
Mads Madsen
Posts: 269
It looks to me that your HP, have an iframe in the code,
Try delete the iframe and the code in between, the start and the end.
it should be written in normal HTML code...

Written on: 13.01.2010 17:08
Posts: 135
Yeah.. you could be right about that one.
Dont enter the website.. virus is active again icon_frown.gif

Need a new website soon ! icon_razz.gif

btw.. uploaded a EARLY test version of the first 5 mins on thepiratebay
remember.. it's really early in the editing fase and is about 4 months old.
Lots of bugs and low quality.. but hey.. for the ones who are interessed :

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 13.01.2010 at 17:08.]
Written on: 14.01.2010 14:44
Martin Horn Pedersen
Posts: 1273
easy now Deepzone , remember I have prommest u to make one after the 23
Written on: 16.01.2010 15:25
Posts: 135
For those who have seen the early 5 min preview.. please give feedback on the likes and dont likes
Written on: 16.01.2010 18:24
Posts: 266
dEEPZoNE skrev:

For those who have seen the early 5 min preview.. please give feedback on the likes and dont likes

It's always fun to look back at Roskilde, and your films has been interesting to watch. The intro montage looks good, but I didn't get what you wanted to show by filming into the dark around 3.30. Anyway will be fun to see the rest of the movie.

Btw, did you film at the festival area or only camp area? And did you have similar "interviews" as the '07 one (refering to "How's the weather been treating you?")
Written on: 20.01.2010 21:24
Posts: 661
dEEPZoNE wrote:

For those who have seen the early 5 min preview.. please give feedback on the likes and dont likes

Thanks for the preview, puts a big grin on my face. I have some comments:
I'm not too sure about the music, although it does seems to work at some parts I would prefer music from the festival acts.
The video is far to processed/colour graded for my taste. It looks unnatural, especially the reds and oranges. The unprocessed video would probably look too flat, white and harsh but I think you went a little overboard with the processing (I do like what the effect does to the video but I think it is just to much).
I don't think every cut needs to be on the beat of the music, Let some shots play out a little longer, cutting out of sync every now and then, and then get back in sync again for the shorter shots.
If this is your intro and you are going to have longer 'action' scenes with a theme or people talking I would get to that a bit sooner.

For the whole of the movie: I liked what you did last year with the scenes from one camp as a recurring theme within the whole movie.
I would also like to see it (mostly) in chronological order with titles noting the different days.

I hope all of this is somehow useful. Please don't take any of it the wrong way, I have mostly no idea what I'm talking about anyway.
I hope to see the finished film soon. It is always a bright and happy moment watching your Roskilde film on a cold an rainy winter day with my Roskilde camp mates!
Written on: 27.01.2010 00:27
Martin Horn Pedersen
Posts: 1273
The work whit the new homepage have startet hope to have in online next week
Written on: 27.01.2010 12:09
Deleted user If anyone thinks they can get a logo sorted with a week or two, let us know. I haven't been able to find the time yet (it's been a while, I know) during this stressful time. I'll have some time from the 8th forward though.
Written on: 04.02.2010 21:47
Posts: 135
Just lost my job..
Written on: 05.02.2010 13:54
Deleted user Shit... that sucks man.
Written on: 07.02.2010 14:58
Posts: 135
Thx.. The whole department was laid off.
But gives me more time for the movie icon_smile.gif

Just have to get in the mood to edit again.
Written on: 03.03.2010 13:14
Posts: 135
News :
Editing has begun again. Sorry for the delay (again) icon_razz.gif
Had to reinstall windows 7 because I used a rc version up to now.
So just have to collect the project again.
Of course some files were deleted by me in pure stupidity under the format.
Just a bunch of my remixed songs. But still.. a couple of days work down the drain icon_razz.gif

A reminder that a 5 min early test version is online from my profile on the pirate bay.
This is a early version. Lots of changes and progress since then.
Project file is called : mowra

Website is not up yet. But i have someone working on it.
Probaly up around release date for the movie hopefully.
Written on: 08.03.2010 12:46
Deleted user Just to let you know, I have finished moving as of today and will be starting the logo this evening. Many apologies for the delay. Fortunately the stress is behind me now.

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