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Friday 06.07.12

Camp of the Day: Gandalf, Gollum and Frodo are at the festival to check out girls

The fictional land of Mordor from the Lord of the Rings can be experienced at Roskilde Festival. The camp consists of 13 young men with a passion for fantasy and they are skilled at picking up girls.

From a long distance you can see the four meter high tower ”Barad-dûr” consisting of Saurons eye.

“We are deeply engaged Tolkien-geeks. We know all of the 14 hours of film down to every detail. And then we all share the interest of musicals, which is how we met”, says the camp members. They are all young men, who have their cultural capital in check, which can be sensed from the Camp

At first sight it appears that the 50 people lying around the tower are sleeping. But they aren’t, they are listening. On a daily basis, the camp’s dedicated presenter reads aloud two chapters using his enchanting voice, which can imitate each and every one of the characters of Lord of the Rings. The recitations is a success and Wednesday there were about 100 listeners – here among a fire engine with firefighters leaning out from their down rolled windows. 

The tower is the centre of the camp and surrounded by the guys’ tents. On second thought the tower may look like a phallus symbol. But is it really a good pick-up move to wear capes down to the floor, where only the face can be seen? “Schhh”, says one of the guys. “If you are quiet you can hear that three of our guys have girls visiting at this very moment”.

All right then. Whether it’s the girls’ wet dreams of Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen that allures them to the Lord of the Rings Camp is unknown, but it’s a camp full of fairytales with the sweetest and most welcoming tall hobbits. 

“One does not simply walk into Mordor” couldn’t be further from the truth in this camp. Here, the good vibrations rule and hungover festival guests ought to take a stroll to one of the recitations. 

The Lords of the Rings is now to be found in a modern version at Roskilde Festival. A modern version with cheeky, Danish young men, who would like to teach girls about the trilogy. 

What is Camp of the Year?
Since 2006 Roskilde Festival has elected Camp of the Year. Every day during the festival week, the committee elects a Camp of the Day. Saturday 7 July the best of this year’s Camp of the Day winners is announced Camp of the Year. This year, 68 camps are participating in the contest. Nominate a camp – check outCamp of the Year’s Facebook-site!

From Orange Press, written by Anne Grønskov

Camp Mordor has made a playlist where every fourth song is a version of »They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard«. Everybody is welcome to stop by and listen to recitations and remixes or dance with the hobbits. Photo: Erik Pedersen

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