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Friday 05.10.12

Video: Cheer for the Homeless team

Today the Homeless team flies to the Homeless World Cup in Mexico. Check out the video with the selected players. Roskilde Festival is the official sponsor of the Danish team.

By: Thomas Lenler Olesen

Today, the plane takes off for Mexico City. On board are the players from the Danish national football team. They are on their way to the World Cup finals for homeless and marginalised people, which begin on Sunday.
It is a bunch of young players at quite a high level, and they are well prepared, says national coach Janek Majewicz about the team.

As the team’s official sponsor we root for the team from the sidelines, of course, but homeless football serves a much higher purpose than the number of wins and losses on the field.

From marginalised to selected
The Danish organisation Ombold has spent the last many months training and coaching the players as a tool to creating a more normal existence for these socially marginalised people through commitment and participation.

And a world cup experience must be the ultimate chance in the transformation from marginalised to selected.
The Homeless team is in the finals for the 7th time. The draw placed the Danish team in Group A with Mexico, South Africa, Croatia, Canada and Haiti.

Follow the world cup via the Ombolds Facebook profile and their webpage

Meet the players in this video, that our volunteers from the web-TV team filmed last week. (in Danish with English subtitles)

The national Homeless team is ready for the World Cup in Mexico. Photo: Steven Biccard

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