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Mothers' Aid saves Christmas

Three hundred extra families are looking forward to a merry Christmas following Roskilde Festival's donation to the Danish Mothers' Aid.

By: Martha Louise Madsen

For many Danish families, Christmas is a celebration of love, but it can also be a sad celebration when money is tight. This year times were particularly tough, since the Danish Mothers’ Aid Christmas Charity campaign got off to a slow start because of the intense discussion about poverty.


In 2011, the Danish Mothers’ Aid received 3000 applications for Christmas aid, but only approx. 1050 met the Danish Mothers’ Aid’s criteria for receiving aid. Shortly before Christmas, the Danish Mothers’ Aid did not have the means to help all of those entitled to Christmas aid.

But at the last minute more than 200 extra families can look forward to a merry Christmas, and thus it seems that now, just before Christmas, almost everyone will receive aid, says director of the Danish Mothers’ Aid, Mads Roke Clausen.

This is due to Roskilde Festival’s donation of DKK 500,000 of its profit from 2011 to the Danish Mothers’ Aid and their Christmas aid.

Aiding the very marginalised
Those families that receive Christmas aid through the Danish Mothers’ Aid are very marginalised: their income is no more than the Danish social security, they have a low disposable income, and they are often struck by social problems like unemployment.

That is why the Danish Mothers’ Aid uses Roskilde Festival’s donation not just for the Christmas aid, but also on counselling for families, to get them back on their feet again – and to provide for their own Christmas holiday next year.

A merry gift
“The Christmas aid is a lovely and merry gift, but we also need to solve the families’ problems. No one chooses to become a social case. Most people want to work and lead normal lives,” says director of the Danish Mothers’ Aid, Mads Roke Clausen.

Visit the Danish Mothers’ Aid’s website (Danish only)


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