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Sunday 05.07.09

Record-breaking donation to climate project

This year, Roskilde Festival's climate campaign ends with a donation of over DKK 2 million (approx. € 306,000) to DanChurchAid.

The guests at Roskilde Festival are behind the largest collection of money ever in Denmark to support a humanitarian project with a focus on climate.

As a part of Roskilde Festival's climate campaign – Green Footsteps – the audience has been able to take their own green footsteps, among other things by donating DKK 175 (approx. € 23) when buying the festival ticket. 1580 people have done so, thereby donating DKK 276,500 (approx. € 37,000).

The total contribution goes to DanChurchAid projects in Malawi, a country that is badly hit by the effects of climate changes. Now, sustainable water facilities are to be established to help poor farmers, by irrigating areas usually afflicted by drought.

On top of this generous audience donation, Roskilde Festival donates DKK 2 million (approx. € 306,000) to the project, which was presented to the General Secretary of DanChurchAid, Henrik Stubkjær, on Orange Stage today at 17.00.

Climate minister on Orange Stage
As a part of the climax of this year’s Green Footsteps campaign, Roskilde Festival and DanChurchAid have invited the Danish minister of climate and energy Connie Hedegaard onto Orange Stage.

Here she will receive the audiences’ demand for a fair climate agreement at COP15 this December in Copenhagen. And ‘fair’ means an agreement that finds new funds for climate help without cutting in to the current aid to third world countries.

Strong support from the audience
The audience has taken the symbolic green footsteps, both up to and during the festival. The car has been replaced with a bicycle, cold and solar-heated showers have replaced regularly heated showers, and meat courses have given way for vegetarian courses. Voluntary signature collectors have walked throughout the entire festival area. And everywhere you can see the turquoise refund collectors, sweating behind their refund carts.

The audience have really backed up the campaign and shown great support in the battle for a better climate and a fair climate agreement.

As a symbol of the audiences’ strong support, 1000 balloons were sent to the sky in the hope that it can pay off to let your dreams fly high.


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