Photo: Søren Malmose
Photo: Søren Malmose

Simple rules when entering Roskilde Festival

You are allowed to take pictures with still-picture cameras (no flash in front of the stages). Permission to record sound/motion pictures at the Festival Site is normally not given to audience members.

Please note, this also includes digital cameras, mobile phones or the like enabled to record motion pictures or sound.

It is prohibited to wear insignias, marks or the like expressing the name of, affiliations of or sympathy with clubs, or support clubs for, Bandidos, Black Cobra, Hells Angels or the like. Banners, bags, tents or general clothing articles with any of the aforementioned marks or the like are also prohibited.

It is illegal to use drugs at Roskilde – as in the rest of Denmark. The police will be present and will deal with drug-related violations according to the Danish law. Also, read more about Roskilde Festival's view on drugs.

Possession of weapons is illegal – as in the rest of Denmark.

You may not spend the night in your car.

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